Hi! I am Kasia and I would keep it at that as my full name is quite a mouth ful Katarzyna Barbara Stryczniewicz, I completely understand if you look at it and don’t even know how to start pronouncing it: P. Well, that I guess it thanks to me being Polish, borne and raised in stunning, medieval city, Krakow, place of great cafes, art galleries and blossoming chestnut trees.

After awesome time in Poland I moved to London where I was studding art and graphic design. It was truly magical period of my life during which I also dived deeply into the world of yoga. After graduating from Universities of Arts London and certifying as yoga teacher I took off to travel and explore the wonders of the world. The odd winds took me to Canada, India, Australia and China where I was practicing and sharing the beauty of yoga and meditation. Currently I have landed in Bali, gorgeous island where everyday brings an awe of the transformative power and beauty of Mother Nature.

I love sound of the rain, the smell of the fresh cut grass, feel of the sunshine on my face, my yoga mat and playing in the kitchen, getting all excited and creative with all the beautiful wholefoods that are such an amazing gift from mama nature.

I’ve been on the path of wellness since I can remember and it is a journey of constant discovery, learning and growth. I am a creative force behind lifestyle brand “Kasia” and as it grows and expands I am committed to have fun, lough and show up to my life the best I can and with an open heart! ☺

Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely day!

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